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BECOME A VOLUNTEER                                   

Find your perfect place to help                                                                                 

 For more information, please contact us at
 850-880-2220 or

Westonwood loves our volunteers.  We can help you find the right place to plug in.  Reach out to us

 Why Volunteer in our Equine Program? 

At Westonwood Ranch, volunteers assist in many aspects of our program, from helping in lessons to caring for our horses. We welcome individuals, work groups, families and participants in community service programs. Aside from our horses, our volunteers truly are the backbone of our program - our work would not be possible without their time and dedication.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Enjoy a positive and supportive environment.

  • Learn new skills/gain experience working with people and horses.

  • Resume building.

  • References for school and work - Including Bright Future Scholarship Volunteer Hours!

  • Be part of a fun team and experience the reward of helping others!

 What you can Expect? 

We ask that our volunteers be committed and reliable. We are looking for people who communicate effectively, are willing to learn, put forth good effort, and be accepting of others. We ask that you adhere to our policies and procedures and are kind and respectful.

No Horse Experience Required.

Must be 14 years or older to volunteer.

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